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April 9, 2008

In college, when each moment seemed the *most* important moment of my life, a tragedy befell me: I did not get the job of station manager that I deserved, wanted, desired, was BORN to. At the time it seemed like the greatest injustice ever perpetrated on God’s green earth. Now it seems trivial. Regardless…..

In a fit of rage some song lyrics were posted on the door to my beloved KMBU by others caught up in the whole mess. At the time they seemed *so* right, so perfect. This morning my shuffled iTunes played this song again and I was struck by the fact that I still loved it. That I still could see it, reach it. That I could still feel it. And now, of course, it has so very little to do with the late ’80s in Malibu….

Simple Song

Lyle Lovett

It’s a simple song for simple feeling
You see the moon and watch it rise
Across the continent the night bird sings
And somewhere someone hears its cry

So disillusioned
Keep your head down
If you do they’ll never know
You’ll have no answers to their questions
And they will have to let you go

And disenfranchised
They’ll take away by right what’s yours
And make you martyrs of your own cause
When they don’t know what cause it’s for

And all deserted
Stand alerted
They’ll love you when you’re all alone
But you find a red rose in the morning light
You wait the night and find it gone

So hear my words with faith and passion
For what I say to you is true
And when you find the one you might become
Remember part of me is you

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