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November 14, 2008

Very few people are as in tune with the culinary goings on in Reno as The Commodore. He has a keen sense of happenings and even uses a network of restaurant insiders to keep him up to date. So when the Commodore sent me a scan of the new tapas menu at, of all places, Bavarian World my interest was piqued. Now you might be saying to yourself, “hey self, isn’t tapas a Spanish concept? Bavarian World doesn’t sound very Spanish.” And you’d be right, but I saw the ad myself. It promised a variety of pizzas, a cheese plate, smoked meats, sandwiches and all “your favorites.”

Last evening The Commodore, his lovely bride, bin and myself set out to have some German tapas. As a group we were very excited to have even pretend tapas in Reno. We hit the parking lot at 5:45 pm. It was empty. Very. We entered. The front area was empty. The middle banquet room was empty, unlit. We progressed to the back and found the “bar” area lit, but empty. We were soon approached by a waitress who seemed confused by our request for tapas. It was clear to me that she’d never heard the term. We ordered some beer and a “Chianti” for bin and were herded back up to the front. At this point, lesser cullinarians would have panicked and fled. We stayed.

Our waitress gave us menus and pointed out the appetizer menu. It didn’t feature anything approaching tapas. Only slightly daunted we orderered a cheese plate and a sausage sampler. The cheese plate was perhaps eight (8) slices of cheese on a rather large plate. The sausage sampler was three halves of sausage cut in pieces. Our waitress had always been chatty but somewhere around the middle of the cheese plate she started offering some personal testimony: about my weight, about her gastric bypass surgery, about the training of husbands.

After some more uncomfortable banter we fled into the night…to seek solace in the arms of a less terrifying food service establishment…..

This is what tapas is supposed to look like. *sigh*

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  1. Scoobs permalink
    November 16, 2008 8:33 am

    Yikes, that is precisely why you should have written me back regarding going out to eat this weekend. At least you had an adventure.

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